Do you want password-protected and self destructing messages?

Black SMS is the universal tool for seamlessly and securely encrypting
messages across all your mobile communication platforms.
Black SMS lets you seamlessly and securely encrypt
messages on the brand new iMessage app for iOS 10.

It's the first of its kind.

Why would I need password-protected messaging?

Unparalleled security technology

Black SMS uses AES-256, a military grade cryptography algorithm. Private/Public RSA key pairs are generated locally, and the public keys are shared and verified over the conversation channel. An additional symmetric ephemeral key encryption shell protects the timespan of your messages, making sure that if either the key or the encrypted data are then deleted the message is safely destroyed.

Self destruction, Touch ID, or Passcode

With Touch ID decryption capabilities, Black SMS guarantees that no one would be able to unveil your message without providing the proper fingerprint. Not only this, but you may choose for your message to self destruct and disappear as soon as it is read, so you may rest assured that your messages will never be read by anyone other than your intended recepient.

Fake replacement texts, GIFs, & emoji covers

For users who want to minimize suspicion from others or to simply have fun with this new mode of communication, Black SMS provides the option to disguise your secret messages with covers or fake replacement texts. A cover may consist of any GIF or emoji from our collection, while a fake replacement text would disguise the secret text with any ordinary message of your choice.

Black SMS is the perfect medium for sharing:

  • Self-destructing, private photos
  • Credit card & password information
  • Secretive boy/girl talk with your friends
  • Confidential information for work
  • Intimate conversations with your significant other
  • ...and much, much more

Give us a try.

See what it's like to communicate with the utmost privacy.
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